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Social Media Evaluator (Gig-Worker); Pakistan

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What is a social media evaluator? - Quora

Our project, Detecting Lies on Social Media, is all about getting people like you involved in finding and researching fake information online. We want to focus on things that happened recently and could cause some real problems if people believe them.

How We Do It:

  • Check the Facts: We want you to compare what’s said in social media posts with reliable information to see if it’s true
  • Keep Up with What’s Happening:
  • Use Trending Maps: Check maps that show what’s popular to guide your searches
  • Watch for Repeat Liars: Find and keep an eye on people or places that often share fake stuff
  • Try Different Ways: Look at other sources and try different methods to find out what’s not true
  • What We’re Looking For:

For a post to be worth checking, it must:

  • Come from social media and be recent (within the last 7 or 14 days)
  • Be about something that could seriously fool people, not just little mistakes
  • Not be just someone’s opinion, a joke, or a fight between businesses

What You Need to Show:

  • Make sure it doesn’t have any made-up info, missing details, or fake pictures
  • Check it’s from the last week or two and has at least 15 shares or comments (or 100 views if it’s a video)
  • Make sure you haven’t sent us the same thing before
  • Share the link to the post
  • Give us a link to proof, like a fact-checking site
  • Summarize what the post is saying and how you checked it

How to Find Stuff to Check:

  • Use Google to find out what people are talking about
  • Look at the news on Google to see what’s going on
  • Try different searches and look for what’s popular
  • Check social media for pages that often share things that aren’t true, especially if they’re talking about hot topics

Key Requirements:

  • Must be currently located in Pakistan
  • Be fluent in Urdu and have proficiency in English
  • Must be able to provide your valid social media profile
  • Must have an educational degree
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