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10 months ago

Senior Machine Learning/Deep Learning Engineer

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Yerevan, Armenia

Machine Learning Engineer with a keen interest in Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, and Data Privacy. I have multiple publications and I’ve been working with enterprises on ML/DL projects for about 7 years now and I keep myself updated on the latest research in the field. I’ve led teams on multiple projects, architecting them on building fault-tolerant end-to-end ML/DL systems. The projects have spanned multiple industries from Law, Power, Art, Music, and Finance to Economics. I’m open to both ML/DL projects as well as Tech Architect/Project Management positions. Here’s some of my main skills: – Economic/Financial time series analysis and forecasting – Object detection, tracking and segmentation in images – Quantum Computing on cloud platforms (IBM) – Image and Audio generation using GANs – Neural Net Architectures such as CNN, RNN (LSTM), GAN, Mask RCNN, YOLO, etc. – NLP (Text Generation, Entity Recognition, Summarisation, Open Information Extraction) – Cloud architecture and leading tech teams for building scalable systems – DevOps: AWS (CloudFormation, Lambda, CloudFront, EBS, AutoScaling, Sagemaker) and Google Cloud (Using TPUs and AutoML) – General and backend Python development, including async Python and websockets.

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