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Quality Manager (Industrial/Wind), Midland

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Texas City, TX, USA

Job Title: Quality Manager

Location: Texas

My client is a leading wind energy industrial manufacturing company specializing in gearbox repairs. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, they have established ourselves as a prominent player in the industry.

They are currently seeking a dedicated Quality Manager to join our team and lead our quality control efforts, ensuring the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Position Overview: As the Quality Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of quality control in our manufacturing processes, with a specific focus on industrial manufacturing or wind gearbox manufacturing. You will develop and implement quality management systems, procedures, and metrics to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and meet customer expectations. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in quality control within the industrial manufacturing or wind gearbox manufacturing sector, with a history of driving continuous improvement and achieving operational excellence.

Quality Management:

• Develop, deploy, and uphold a comprehensive quality management system (QMS) aligning with industry standards and regulatory mandates.

• Institute quality control protocols across all production phases, spanning component manufacturing, assembly, testing, and installation.

• Regularly conduct audits and inspections to gauge adherence to quality benchmarks, pinpointing areas ripe for enhancement.

• Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to enact corrective and preventive measures, elevating product quality and dependability.

• Deliver training and guidance to staff on quality assurance protocols and optimal practices.

Regulatory Compliance:

• Ensure strict adherence to pertinent health, safety, and environmental statutes and guidelines governing the wind energy sector in Texas, encompassing OSHA, EPA, and ANSI/ISO standards.

• Remain abreast of legislative shifts, regulatory updates, and industry benchmarks concerning quality, health, and safety, ensuring prompt policy and procedure adjustments.

• Maintain meticulous records and documentation pertaining to regulatory compliance, audits, inspections, training sessions, and incident inquiries.

Supplier and Customer Quality Assurance:

• Set quality benchmarks and criteria for procured components and materials, executing supplier evaluations and audits to validate adherence.

• Foster collaboration with clientele to grasp their quality requisites and expectations, promptly addressing any quality or performance concerns.

Continuous Improvement:

• Track key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to quality and health and safety, instigating interventions to enhance efficacy and performance.

• Spearhead quality enhancement endeavors and projects, such as Lean Six Sigma methodologies, to streamline processes, diminish waste, and fortify product quality

. • Cultivate a culture of ongoing improvement and innovation, motivating staff engagement in quality and safety initiatives.

Health & Safety Management:

• Develop and implement a robust health and safety management system (HSMS) to cultivate a secure work environment and forestall accidents and injuries.

• Conduct comprehensive risk assessments and hazard analyses to identify potential workshop hazards. • Institute and enforce safety protocols and procedures, including the utilization of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe operational practices.

• Provide continual safety training and education to employees, contractors, and visitors, covering topics such as hazard recognition and emergency response.

• Investigate accidents, incidents, and near misses, implementing corrective measures to prevent recurrence and enhance safety performance.

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Darwin Recruitment GmbH

Phone: +49 89 26209 7135

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