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Occupational Health & Safety Officer and R638 Food and Hygiene Handler

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Lyon, France

Good Morning from South Arica, my name is Barbara Bouwer, qualified Occupational Health and Safety Officer as well as R638 Food and Hygiene Handler.  I have over 10 years of experience and knowledge in safety as well as food and hygiene handling.  My services include:

Risk Assessments, Incident Investigations, Fall Protections Plans, Developing safety policies & procedures, Ergonomic assessments, Personal Protective Equipment advice (PPE), Contractor Safety Management, Compliance monitoring, Legal Regulation compliance, Safety Files, Safety Plans, Emergency Preparedness plans & virtual training, Safety culture development, Construction safety checklists (documents are tailored to your unique requirements) R638 Food and Hygiene Handling (food and hygiene processes from front of house to back of house as well as food factory industries) Online virtual training for all industries which require safety as well as food and hygiene handling.

Please do consider me to join your team in creating a safe working environment for the employer as well as the employees of your company. Benefits would include safety enhancement, regulatory compliance, professional expertise/advice, credibility and reduced liabilities.  Investing in a certified safety professional demonstrates a commitment to the well being of employees/employer and the success of the organization. 

Barbara Bouwer
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1036 Seeleeu Street, Pretorius Park, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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