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10 months ago

Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Expert

Open to Work
Bremen, Germany

Social Media Manager: I am a social media manager expert specifically for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let tell you a bit of my experience with these sites. *Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn: Instagram: This is truly were my love and passion for social media truly started. It all started in 2012. I discovered an app lying around the app store and installed it. The app was called Instagram. At this time, Instagram still wasn’t known nor was there a boom of bloggers and influencers. This is where I trult shined I was one of the very first ones to go and create my very own live travel show called “thehappysolotraveler.” It was an instant hit! From zero I had ended up thousands of followers! Before I knew it, I actually became a local online celebrity in my own country, The Philippines. I was a hit! It was from there I learned all the basics and techniques of social media alone. My very personal account opened my eyes to social media and its secrets as a whole. To the point I finally ventured in lending my talent and gift at Instagram to my clients. From there on, everything just went smooth sailing. I love Instagram. My main specialty indeed for the social media world. Twitter: I managed over 100+ Twitter accounts for my clients here and was able to truly build their handle with that targeted potential audience that definitely met the client’s field. So for example you’re a author, I can target you people whom I feel can truly relate to what you have to offer and share in the social media world. I’ll target perhaps writers, book lovers, etc. If you’re a real estate agent or real estate ghost writer, I can target you local people in your area, realtors, home seekers, etc. I always see to it that my very best is given and to make sure I build following all the strict rules of the site and avoid bots and fake followers as a whole. LinkedIn: I managed over 70+ LinkedIn accounts for my clients here. I guarantee you potential targeted connects in your field as well following all the rules of the site. Social media is my love and I see to it that I always give it my very best for each and every client I get a chance to work with.


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