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Experienced Bid manager | Proposal Writer | RFP, IFB Responses (B2G)

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I am a professional proposal writer and bid manager. Recently, I have worked for over 2000hrs on government bids/tenders of all their types and sizes (RFP, RFI, RFB, IFB,…), developed over a hundred proposals, and submitted 320+ bids. My experience is versatile as I have interacted with various Companies, each of which has its system, structure and goals. Choosing me doesn’t only mean handling heavy loads of work, saving tight deadlines, and managing tons of tasks, but also significantly increasing your winning probability, and winning ratio too.

My success rate is noticeably high, and I believe this is attributed to: ⭐ My careful attention to small details. ⭐ I believe that everything should be organized. ⭐ flexibility with time zones, and working timelines. ⭐ High research capability. ⭐ My ability to easily get involved in the mindset of the team. ⭐ Able to quickly “join up”, and be a part of industries, sectors, organizations, and departments. ⭐ Experience in training new members and distributing the work between the team, especially under tight deadlines. ⭐ experience as a department director. ⭐ Fast learning and willingness to assist other departments in your company. ⭐ My ability to innovate, not giving up on any opportunity, as every small win counts. ⭐Thinking outside the square to find solutions.

Fast learning and the ability to adapt to new oceans are valuable gifts that are critical for success in the business world. You can be confident in relying on me in handling any new/heavy tasks after one explanation on how to do it. Nevertheless, here is a collection of what I can provide, and am capable of efficiently working on: 🖋Finding new opportunities and bids and organizing the flow of work appropriately. 🖋A-Z bid work, requirements fulfilment, and submission, including but not limited to: 🧷 RFP/RFQ/RFIs/IDIQ analysis (Scope of work and compliance requirements) 🧷 Bid Evaluation, Test cases, Market research, competition and stakeholder analysis 🧷 Business Unit meetings, Bid go/no go decisions and strategic analysis. 🖋 Market prices, winning prices, and BID pricing. 🖋 Analyzing bid responses, and finding problems and their solutions. 🖋 Process training and continuous improvement. 🖋 Proposal storyboarding and strategic support.

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