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Dr Quratulain Masood

Open to Work

My unique mix of previous work experience and my status as a recent graduate

from the most competitive medical school in Pakistan makes me an ideal

candidate for a tutor, researcher, typist, typist or career counsellor at your department of Biology and Premedical or Medical Sciences.

Pakistan, a developing country, has very few female doctors, and even fewer

female surgeons. In a cultural backdrop like ours, infinite cases worthy of

surgical invention do not get treated, because they can not find a female surgeon

of preference. With fifty-four per cent of the population being female, this disparity

is overwhelming. Cultural hesitance impedes early detection of disease in

females. Research seems to be out of the question, and medicine is becoming

increasingly commercial. In a milieu of poverty and adversity, terror and turmoil,

academic standards decline and intellectual progression is paralyzed.

After two consecutive liberating experiences at Yale School of Medicine; I had a

professional obligation to share what I learned with my colleagues. The Student

The research forum started out as my personal effort to hand down what I had

gained in my limited time at Yale as a research associate. I mentored over forty

second-year medical students at their first international publications. Working

with each student, owning their setbacks while encouraging their potential and

helping them optimize it, was personally a rewarding experience that convinced

me to pursue academics. 

I am ready to fight for the opportunity to work with a students to  mentor them. Your side of the world is training professionals in changing times, when

academics are changing rapidly.The students for tomorrow will need to be open

to new surgical techniques and percutaneous approaches, gene therapy,

immunology, bioengineering, and even molecular biology.

I enjoy presenting my work in form of posters or at seminars and conferences

and would like it continue. I love teaching, and would like to improve on my

communication and leadership skills if would involve me in assisting at teaching.

This position would provide me with the ideal

opportunity to assist you at the intriguing field of academic research and expand

my horizons.

Please feel free to go through my resume. I would be more than happy to

interview with you online .I will look forward to your reply.


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