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8 months ago

Data Science Specialist – France

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Lyon, France

I’m Thomas Lefèvre, a Data Science Specialist from France with a strong background in leveraging data-driven insights to inform business decisions. With experience in various roles related to data science, I am excited to explore new opportunities where I can apply my expertise.

💼 Professional Experience 💼
Data Scientist at Data Insights SAS
Machine Learning Engineer at Tech Innovations SA
Data Analyst at Analytics Pro

📈 Key Data Science Skills 📈
Data analysis and interpretation
Machine learning and predictive modeling
Data visualization and reporting
Python, R, and SQL proficiency
Statistical analysis and hypothesis testing
Data preprocessing and cleaning
Time series analysis

If you’re seeking a Data Science Specialist to bring analytical rigor to your projects and unlock data-driven insights, please feel free to contact me. I’m eager to discuss how I can contribute to your data science initiatives in France.

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