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11 months ago

CRO Specialist (Helping eCom stores get 2x Conversion Rates)

Open to Work

Businesses are collecting more data than ever before, but struggling to translate it into actionable insights that lead to meaningful progress. Best practices are not enough to solve issues & scale a business and developers, despite being 100% essential, can’t always make data-driven decisions for a website. After realizing the connection that, on the one hand, the performance of a business, and on the other hand, the working conditions, have with the quality of our lives I decided to help people live a better life, by doing what I know best, Conversion Rate Optimization. For the last 5 years, I help businesses accurately collect, analyze and translate their website’s business data into strategic information that leads to growth, through targeted and measurable changes. In simple words, I’m a jigsaw puzzle solver. Google Analytics, heatmaps, scroll maps & recordings, surveys, user testing, marketing campaigns, and other sources are places where hidden pieces -in the form of data- can be found. My job is to find them, set to-the-point A/B tests, and identify those data-driven changes that will increase the Conversion Rate of a website. As a result, businesses enjoy more revenue without increasing their traffic generation budget. Is your website fully optimized? Let’s chat!

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